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Learning How To Pray - BOOK for Children

Learning how to Pray  -  To Mummy and Daddy,

It is very important that right from infancy, children come into contact with God and know all about Jesus.The government establishes a systematic school plan, with free obligatory study; for their part parents should offer the children a moral education, thus they will be prepared for life.Each little book contains a prayer for all the different situations that occur in daily life, stimulating children to learn to pray and to know how easy it is to talk to Jesus and to know that HE is close to our hearts.  With time the children will talk to Jesus  with words from their own hearts 

The Blue Island

 Editors Introduction

In this special book Stead tells us how he went on to study and tells us in detail how life in spirit is organised. After some 8 years in the spiritual world and overcoming the process of how to communicate back to the physical life, he goes on to explain the purpose of our lives and what awaits us on our passing.

 So here we have a very useful Practical Guide for the rest of this physical life. I hope all who read it will find new incentives to continue to battle with life. The immutable Laws of Nature exist and gradually we are being lead to understand God’s wisdom, love, mercy and justice.  

Being a student of Spiritism (as codified by Allan Kardec in 1857) since 1971, the Founder of the British Spiritist Movement (1983) and one of nine Founder Members of the International Spiritist Council (1992), I was very pleased to be asked to prepare this very interesting book for a new publication.

Though & Life - by Chico Xavier

What part do thoughts play in our lives?

The spiritual writer Emmanuel explains how thoughts act powerfully in shaping our lives:       “Today we are heirs to the positive reflexes from our past experiences, having the means to change their direction towards true happiness”.

Emmanuel goes on to explain with simplicity, through clear and intelligent ideas together with comparisons based on every day life, the effects that thought creates in the intimacy of each one, including within the ambient in which a person may live.

He further explains the connection between emotion and thought, showing that human beings have the capacity to supervise and control them in benefit of progress.


This book offers an intriguing account of one man's experiences soon after death. Not being a particularly evolved soul, he is bewildered and confused in the early stages, but with the help of guides he gradually adapts to his new environment and begins to progress.

The communication from the departed soul was received by means of automatic writing by Augustus Henry (Harry) Burbidge (1891 - 1963). Apparently, the executors of Burbidge's estate found the writing among his papers after his death, and family members made copies for friends, but it was not until recently that they were "discovered" and published. The communicator's name is not given, but the account is consistent with those given through other credible mediums.

2nd Edition - SUICIDE all that You Need to Know

Everything in LIFE has causes and consequences!
Suering and anxiety can be unbearable!
LIFE has a purpose, whether we are aware of this
or not…
For unbearable pain or anguish we seek solutions,
but not everyone is aware that LIFE does
not end with death!
We are all IMMORTAL Beings!
The next plain of LIFE will present us with rewards
or consequences, so this book will enlighten
people and oer happy solution for our anxieties.
SUICIDE only increases our suering!

 Science & Spirit  -   available                                                                           Suicide: All you need to Know (Causes & Consequences).


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Chico Xavier, Medium of the Century   


Already published in 2007  /  2008  by E Rossi



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